Lovely new Summer Menu

A lovely way to start, Warm Peach salad with Perl las and candied walnuts followed by Sewin with samphire all rounded off with a Patricks style cream slice. Yum

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Welcome to Patricks with Rooms

Patricks with rooms is an established family run Restaurant with rooms. Our menus are designed by the chef patrons, the rooms designed by our two sister directors who also have a great deal of impact on the wine and cocktail list, especially the tasting. The four partners are supported by a committed team which all adds up to offering our guest a truly memorable time.


A relaxing way to spend Sunday. A great lighter meal to keep you going on the golf course or frolicking in the waves on our glorious sunny Sundays.

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  Great place's to explore

A great walk to this fantastic secluded beach takes roughly 2hours from Patricks along the coastal path.

You will pass the old Victorian pier and light house. Then following the coastal path round past Langland and Caswell bays, watch out for seals. Passed Caswell you will be more off the beaten track but great for flora, forna and wildlife spotting.
Just book a packed lunch when you check in and your day will be complete.

  Patricks goes retro

Bourbourn jenga and Logo'd M&M's to have with coffee.

Patrick's Timeline

When you have been in business for over 21 year’s you certainly gather a great deal of history. Not only can we celebrate longevity, we have over the years evolved from a small 30 seat restaurant to an expansive 16 bedrooms, 75 seat restaurant with a lounge bar and residents gym. We hope you enjoy the story below.